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Welcome to the official site of the South Wales Football Association.

We hope you will find this site informative and make it your first port of call if you want to find out anything about how we work.

On the site you will find details of our cup competitions, both current and historic, a copy of our Rules and Regulations, Disciplinary information and links to other sources of information. We also publish the weekly list of disciplinary decisions and suspensions along with results of appeals by clubs to the Association.

Constructive feedback about the site is always welcomed and should be directed to the Association General Secretary, Mark Adams, at secretary@southwalesfa.co.uk


   We are trying to have as many of our forms as possible available in downloadable format from this site - please see the sub-menu 'Forms' from the home page for a full list of available documents.




The International Football Association Board (IFAB) has re-written much of the Laws of Association Football - these changes will take effect at the start of EURO 2016 and will be in force in all games from the start of 2016/17. There are over 90 changes to the current laws, some major, many are minor ones.

Various Guides have been produced to assist competition organisers, players and officials and these are appended below (click on each link)







REGIONS CUP SQUAD - San Marino 2016

The following squad has been selected to represent the South Wales FA in the Qualifying Round of the European Section of the UEFA Regiosn CUp in San Marino for matches on June 3, 5 & 7 2016.


Aplin Gareth Brecon Corries
Bridgeman Lee Canton Liberal
Chesters Robert Brecon Corries
Woodland Ryan Llanharry
Evans Josh Llantwit Fardre
Evans Steven Ton & Gelli
Jenkins Daniel Cornelly United
Laventure William Canton Liberal
Leigh Kareem Barry Town Untd
Lewis Aiden Sully
Long Alexander Sully
McIntosh Ian Panteg 
Giles-Minett Darrel Treharris Western
Morris Gavin Ton & Gelli
Pika Liam Canton Liberal
Price Stephen Brecon Corries
Quick Christopher Canton Liberal
Sissons Joseph Brecon Corries

The squad will fly out from Heathrow to Bologna on June 2 and return on June 8. Opposing teams in the group are the representatives from the Kazakhstan, Greece and the host nation.

REGIONS CUP FINAL (from http://www.faw.org.uk/news/)

South Wales FA 3-0 North East Wales FA

FAW Regions Cup Winners | South Wales FA


The competition, which is run over two seasons, is for grassroots players at Tier 5 of the FAW pyramid and below and the FAW Regions Cup winners go on to represent Wales in the UEFA Regions Cup.

The opening goal came in the 27th minute when Quick dribbled in from the right before taking his goal well to beat Daniel Cooper of Hawarden Rangers in the NEWFA goal.

There were two more chances for SWFA shortly after as forward Dan Jenkins (Cornelly Utd) and Alex Long (Sully Sports) both fired wide from the edge of the box.

North East Wales had half-chances for themselves with set-pieces in dangerous areas, but should have fallen further behind, when left-back Gavin Morris of Ton & Gelli headed over from close range at the far post.

As the 4th official indicated the time added on in the first half, Quick scored his second with another clinical finish to register his 80th goal in all competitions this season – An incredible achievement at any level of football.

Half-Time: South Wales FA 2-0 North East Wales FA

Just four minutes into the second half, Quick completed his hat-trick as he again found space and shot from the edge of the box, which Cooper was unable to stop.

Karl Lloyd of Aston Park Rangers had a great opportunity to pull one back for North East, but his effort at the back post, went agonisingly wide. 
As both managers made the changes, it was North East Wales who had the best chances, but Cefn Albion’s Alex Williams was denied twice by the impressive Steven Price of Brecon Corries in the South Wales goal. And it really wasn’t Williams’ day as he then saw another shot hit the post, before firing the rebound over the bar.

South Wales FA will now represent Wales in the UEFA Regions Cup in San Marino with matches on 3rd, 5th and 7th June against the representative sides from the host Nation, Greece and Kazakhstan.

South Wales FA

Steven Price (GK), Lee Bridgeman, Gavin Morris, Darrel Minett, Ian McIntosh ©, Aidan Lewis, Steven Evans (Shaun Duffy, 67’), Liam Pika, Christopher Quick, Daniel Jenkins (Robert Chesters, 61’), Alex Long (,Samuel Jones, 78’)

Unused subs: Joseph Sissons, Gareth Aplin, William Laventure 
Goals: Christopher Quick, 27’, 45’, 49’ 
Yellow Cards: None

North East Wales FA

Daniel Cooper (GK), Jack Richards (Danny Edwards, 84’), Sean Jones ©, David Smith, Jamie Foulkes, Nick Jones, Karl Lloyd (Kyle Harte, 84’), Nathan Williams, Alex Williams, Chad Shelbourne, Mike Whales (Anthony Weaver, 46’)

Unused subs: Ricky Bennett (GK), Sam Fryer, Terry Nicholas, Christian Davies 
Goals: None 
Yellow Cards: Nick Jones, 36’




 A new football initiative that has been created by Time to Change Wales and the Welsh Football Trust entitled ‘We wear the same shirt’. Weekly football sessions will take place for those adults living with a mental health condition (diagnosed or undiagnosed).Sessions are free of charge and will take place at Newtown Football Club and Merthyr Town Football Club. For more information please see http://www.wewearthesameshirt. org/home/  


We have received details from the FAW of the public liability insurance cover that is automatically provided to all clubs who are correctly affiliated to this Association. A downloadable copy of the summary of cover and policy detail can be accessed by clicking on this link


Referee Courses

  Wonder what it’s like to manage a football game? 
   Love football but can’t play as much as you did? 
   Want a hobby where you can earn money?

  Or  maybe you just simply want to understand why certain refereeing decisions are made?

   Well, you're not the only one, more and more people of all ages, genders, races and abilities are getting into  refereeing.

We are always seeking to recruit new referees, both male and female. The South Wales FA is about to start running courses for would be referees in the Vale of Glamorgan, Cardiff and Aberdare areas.The course will comprise weekly sessions in a classrom based environment and will be held in the evenings with an exam at the end of the eight weeks' course. Once the course is satisfactorily completed individuals concerned will be able to progress through the system, and even progress to the FIFA International list of Referees and Assistant Referees, which gives them the opportunity to Officiate in all parts of Europe and on occasion in other parts of the world!

There are many advantages of becoming a Referee, particularly it gives the opportunity for physical activity, with a consequent improvement in health and fitness.

If you would like to book yourself onto one of these courses, contact our Referees' Officer Carl Daughters  on 07793 650691 or email referees@southwalesfa.co.uk.


Friendly matches

A reminder to all clubs that all friendly matches must be approved by the Association before the game is played. Clubs who do not get approval will be liable to misconduct charges and will NOT be covered by the Association block liability insurance policy.

Sanction can be obtained in writing or by e-mail to admin@southwalesfa.co.uk - telephone requests will not be sanctioned.


Claims from clubs who allege ex-players owe them money

(This note was originally published at the end of the 2009/10 season) but it was felt appropriate to move it up to greater prominence again)

The Association regularly receives claims from clubs to pursue ex-players for sums it is claimed are owed to them. Whilst we endeavour to assist, we expect the club to have taken reasonable steps to recover sums due before contacting the Association. Any requests must be in writing and include the following detail:
* The player's full name and last known address
* Details of action taken by the club to recover the sums - please advise dates of requests and how these were made (telephone, club meeting etc)
* As a minimum, we expect that clubs will have written to the player formally requesting the repayment and advising that the club will be referring the matter to the Association and giving the player seven days to response - A COPY OF THIS LETTER MUST BE ENCLOSED



The Association is becoming increasingly concerned about the use of insulting abusive and offensive comments made on websites and social media networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Will all please note that comments in the names of clubs, officials and players that are considered such will be dealt with as misconduct and the perpetrators liable to disciplinary charges.


A reminder to all affected (this message has been previously circulated via all leagues)

The Association has implemented a new policy with effect from 1 September 2012 that all those (players and club officials) who receive fines along with touchline or match suspensions will be considered to be under suspension from all aspects of football if the fine is not paid by the expiry of the suspension.

The following are examples of people who may be affected by this policy.

A coach or other club official who has received a fine and touchline suspension and does not pay the fine by the end of the suspension period will be considered to be suspensded from all aspects of football until the Monday after the fine is paid.

A player who receives a match suspension with a Sunday league team but is not suspended with an other day team but does not pay the fine is suspended from all aspects of football (including any other teams he may be registered with) until the Monday after the fine is eventually paid.

Whilst these are the most common examples, they are not the only situations. If in doubt, please contact the Association Disciplinary section to check.


At the Association AGM on Monday, it was agreed that the Reduced Penalty Scheme, already in operation by the FA of Wales, would be implemented for all matches under South Wales FA jurisdiction with immediate effect.

In certain circumstances, a Party charged with a Disciplinary Offence may be offered a reduced penalty for the alleged offence committed. The purpose of the Reduced Penalty Regulations is to give credit, in the form of a reduced penalty, to the Party charged who admits to a charge of a Disciplinary Offence and to the timely disposal of such matters. 

Should a part charged choose to reject the Reduced Penalty offered, the following options are available :-

1.         Deny the charge and request a personal hearing. A Disciplinary Panel will be convened and the party will be invited to attend to present the case. Written reasons for the denial must be advised immediately.

2.         Accept the charge and submit evidence in mitigation to be presented in person to a Disciplinary Panel.  A Panel will be convened and the party will be invited to attend to present any mitigating evidence only.  Written details of the evidence in mitigation must accompany the acceptance.

  • Where the charge is found PROVEN, the ‘Standard Minimum Penalty’ detailed will be applied by the Disciplinary Panel as a minimum of any final penalty decided. Should a Disciplinary Panel find the charge NOT PROVEN, no penalty or costs will be applied.    
  • These proposals will take effect immediately. Reports will be sent to club secretaries and can be against players, officials or clubs (in the event of multiple player misconduct) & spectators/supporters.
  • Report numbers will be in sequence, the addition of an ‘R’ at the end of the reference number will indicate the case has been dealt with under the RPS.
  • The Association has produced a table of offences, the standard penalty to be offered and the proposed reduced penalty. This table will is published in the attached link and may be added to or amended during the season.
  • Any suspension will be set to start within two weeks of the game in which the incident occurred. Where the charge is against a player who was also sent off in the game, the suspension will be timed as far as practical to begin after the suspension for the sending-off has been served. Where a charge is against a named individual, they MUST sign the relevant section on page two of the report indicating their response.
  • No individual will be given more than one offer under the RPS per season.
  • Clubs will (at the discretion of the Association) be offered a maximum of one offer PER TEAM per season.
  • As a matter of policy, all cases dealt with under the RPS for players in a Sunday league will not prevent players who play in other day leagues. Cases dealt with by disciplinary commissions will still be dealt with on a case by case basis.


The disciplinary list detailing all outstanding fines since 2006 has been published - copies have been sent to every affiliated club via their leagues and is also published on the website Discipline section.

If a player informs a club that he has paid his fine, ask him to produce a receipt as proof. For every fine paid a receipt is issued – either to the player if the fine is paid by him, or to the Club through which it is paid. In addition, a clearance note is sent to the League concerned when the fine is paid.

In the event of any query, clubs must contact the Association Assistant Secretary (Discipline) for guidance.

There is no doubt that many of the players on this list will endeavour to play for another club, probably where they are not known. This list has been produced for the assistance of all Leagues and Clubs and accordingly, NO EXCUSES WILL BE ACCEPTED FROM ANY CLUB FOUND TO HAVE PLAYED A SUSPENDED PLAYER. In all such cases, both club and player will be severely dealt with.

Please note that under the revised procedures in force since 2006, it is possible that players will have outstanding games of suspensions even if no fines are shown. Please therefore check previous lists carefully – it is club’s responsibility to ensure that players are eligible to play. If a player has an outstanding suspension he/she must be registered to allow him/her to serve the suspension. Suspensions can only be transferred from one club to another with the prior written permission of the Association. Until a player is registered, he or she cannot commence an outstanding period of suspension until they have been registered. IF IN DOUBT – CHECK.

Disciplinary Correspondence (07.03.2010)

We are receiving an increasing number of reports from clubs claiming not to have received disciplinary correspondence. Can we draw all clubs' attention to the Disciplinary Section of the handbook which states

"Clubs who have not been notified within 10 days of any player dismissal/caution must contact the Association Assistant Secretary (Discipline) for advice."

Failure to respond to correspondence can cause a club to be suspended from fixtures.

Important message to all referees (28.02.2010)

The Association is receiving an increasing number of queries regarding possible claims of incorrect names of players being recorded when cautions and dismissals are issued. Will all referees please ensure that they retain match record pads for a minimum of 21 days after games to assist investigations into reports.

Message to all club secretaries (10.10.09)

Please will all club secretaries advise the Association if they are to be away on holidays and provide an alternative contact to receive disciplinary and other correspondence.  Clubs not complying are running a risk of sanctions for delaying responses to correspondence including fixtures being suspended.

5th September 2008

Law 12 - Use of offensive, insulting or abusive language

The situation regarding the above during matches under the jurisdiction of the FAW was recently considered by the FAW 's Referees Committee. The Committee recommended and it was approved by FAW Council that from the start of the 2008/09 season strong action should be taken by referees in all matches when players were guilty of using offensive, insulting or abusive language or gestures in accordance with Law 12.

The South Wales FA has been asked to make all players, clubs and leagues aware of this decision. The Association has advised ALL Clubs, Secretaries and Leagues of this position and that referees have now been instructed to ensure that they apply this Law of the Game correctly and with common sense.

The South Wales FA has received numerous complaints over the use of offensive, insulting and abusive language in particular on public parks where foul languag